Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Friend Feature!

Todays post is about my dear friend Linda.  I met Linda on the internet through a NING site last year.  Come to find out, we live an hour away from each other.   We live in 2 different states, she is in Virginia and I am in North Carolina.  Check out a previous post I did in April of 2010 about our meeting!
We both have an interest in online sales.  Linda is a very smart woman and I value her input into my business.  I still have a lot to learn from her.  She is a patient teacher and a very dear friend, I wonder how she ever puts up with my inconsistencies! She has a website on Ecrater called Eccentric Thrifter and has recently opened a NEW website called  Cabana Threads.  Her new website she offers a large selection of both pre owned and new Men's tropical inspired Hawaiian print shirts in a wide range of sizes and colors!
LJ Hawwian Shirt
Here is one of the groovy shirts she has in her NEW online store! It is a Vintage Mens KONI KAI BY JANTZEN Tropical Hawaiian Shirt  in a size medium.  I love the bold print and the retro colors of the 50s and 60s! You can find this awesome shirt by going to Cabana Threads and let her know that I sent you! You can also find Linda at the following places:
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Linda said...

Deborah, you are always full of surprises! Thanks for your kind words and free advertising. I am blown away! Lunch is on our 2011 agenda - pencil me in!!

Deborah said...

Linda! You know I love you! I may disappear at times, but I always love you!

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