Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Amber from Dad!

This is a poem my husband wrote to our beautiful and sweet daughter Amber. hbamber_thumb

Happy Birthday Amber

I Love You So Much!

My Heart beats with pure joy

At every thought of you

The woman you have become

The person you have always been

Never cease to amaze me!

You are my delight

My shining star

So wonderful and brilliant

In every life you touch

You shine with beauty and love

Twenty Five Years, so fast

A quarter of a century, just a blur

So quickly have those

Precious Years Vanished

They have taken wings to fly

And soared into sweet memories

Leaving yesterdays dreams far behind

Now is the time to feel the need

Grab the years that remain

Let the Spirit’s Heart and

The minds eye clearly guide you

With Love and Compassion

For all who cross your path

As the grains of sand

Each one a year, a gift

From our Father God

Spin with love a tapestry of life

To be lived in passion for others

No matter what it is

That you may choose to do

For that is how you will be measured

In the eons of time beyond our world

By those who never die

Who will some day greet you

As the last grain of sand

Falls into the future.

My lovely daughter

Who is such a blessing to me

And to the entire family

May you be blessed in all you do

May favor shine His face upon you

And may you always know

That from the deepest depths of my heart

You are loved beyond measure

Happy Birthday Amber

I Love You So Much!!!!!!


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