Sunday, May 30, 2010

One of My Favorites!



This has to be one of my favorite little dresses! I did try this on and it fit me! I almost hate to let it go. I would like to know what you would accessorize this with, what kind of shoes,etc.? Please leave your comments, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its Peachy!

When I saw this dress it reminded me of a creamy peach milkshake. lol :) But it also reminded me of the prom days of the 80s. In fact when I bought this dress the clerk said “Oh, I had a dress just like this in the 80s for my prom.”
I fell in love with the sweetheart bust and the dainty lace on the chest. The back has a keyhole opening to die for and puff sleeves to boot! Oh.. and of course the bottom skirt which is shorter in the front and tapers down towards the back. I also thought the bow on the front was cute too! I have had this listed twice on ebay and no one has placed a bid…I had a few watchers,so thats why I have listed it again,hoping someone just forgot and they will place a bid on it this time. If you are reading this after the listing has ended, if it hasn’t sold, you can check my ebay store or my Etsy Shop.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ending soon!

Rich crisp ocean blue background with a floral Hawaiian print. Pretty wine, wedge-wood blue and white colored Lilly flowers. Written in the fabric it says "Voyage in the Oasis at the Caribbean" along with hand written looking letters...really cool!

 Lovely crisp olive green background with a floral Hawaiian print. Pretty fuchsia and white colored flowers with different tones of green fern leaves.

  • Cream background with big bold tropical florals and ferns in black,red,cream and tan
  • Notched shirt collar button-down front
  • Short sleeves
  • Sewn-on pocket, left chest 
  • Straight hemline with side slits for ease of movement 

     An amazing gorgeous 80s peach dress.
  • Beautiful lace on chest top, back top with key hole cut out, and puff sleeves.
  • The bottom half has wide gathered lace below the hips. The front is shorter than the back. This is a unique effect! 
  • Lovely sweet heat bust!
  • A BIG SWEET bow with lace and a rhinestone center is attached to the center side around the hip area.
  • Make sure you check out the rest of the items ending tonight.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winter Clearance! Save BIG! .99¢ start Auctions! Insane!

Old Navy, Gap, Ambercrombie & Fitch, Eddie Bauer, Vintage Woolrich and others!

I must be NUTS!
I am clearing out some of my inventory and making room for my vintage items. So...just for fun I am starting these at an insane price of .99¢! These are some really nice sweaters and in excellent shape. Save now and wear later! As you can see they all go with denim jeans. Most sizes are extra small to small, with one large and one or two medium. 
Go Green and buy recycled clothing! So...why not grab one or a few! Best Wishes!

Rocking Red with a Secret

O.K. So today I decided it was time to make a showing on my blog.  I usually am pretty shy about posting pics of myself.  As you will not see but maybe one, other than this one. But after much encouraging from my friends and fellow bloggers I decided to take the plunge. So here I am! Also I have been inspired by a few older vintage ladies that blog and share their different outfits with creativity.  I hope they won't be offended by that statement, because I'm proud to be a vintage lady!

In this photo I am wearing a new old stock vintage 80s dress. I call it the red rockabilly...yeah I know, that sounds kinda corny..huh? Well, it is a nice dress and it is available right now in my eBay Store at auction starting at 9.99.  If you haven't been to my store you should check it out.

I'm going to clue you in on a little secret, I run most of my auctions on eBay starting at a 9.99 ( sometimes .99) and since I don't seem to get much traffic you will probably get it for that price. Once an item doesn't sell I'm moving it over to Etsy , which I am loving it over there so far. I have met so many nice and talented people. So if you are interested NOW is the time.   
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