Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Good Day Everyone! Today I wanted to share my finds from my weekend yard sale adventures.  I ran across several interesting rummage sales, but only found a few items that I actually purchased. Considering the time and money involved I think I did pretty good!

I haven't researched these yet, but I will soon! Then I will decide where to list them!  eBay or Etsy? These are items that bring back fond childhood memories, and I'm sure they will be a pleasant reminder to others of you as well.
  • The red and white pail looks like a diaper pail according to the label...ummm, but we still have to find out for sure. Even though I collect the vintage red and white enamel ware I really don't know much about it.  I have a pail like this already and am willing to sell this one.
  • The framed print I found to be relevant to what I most like to sell and that is vintage clothing, although, it is hard to find dresses from the same era that this picture depicts.  I'm not sure if I will keep this one or not. We will see!
  • The aluminum cup reminds me of my dad.  He used to have a couple ( he may still have them ). He would have my mom mix up what he called Pepsi Doodles! It was a combination of Pepsi and vanilla ice cream.  They were a delicious family favorite for years.
  • The floral sugar bowl is a pattern my mom had as a complete dinner set with plates and all. I'll have to talk to her and see if she can tell me more about this pattern.  
  • The Petunia Pig glass is from 1973.  She is one of the coolest Pigs I know, sorry Miss Piggy.  It is a classic collector series from Pepsi.
  • I have my schedule blocked out for a lot of research in the week ahead..  If you see this post and know anything about these pieces please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you know, it will be greatly appreciated!
While you are here how about taking the time and meeting some lovely bloggers and Tweeters!

 All that Glitters: girly fashion trends Fab Friends Thursday Blog Hop
When you visit these links, they will explain on how this works. This is a lot of fun and I have met some really nice people with some fantastic blogs!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hanging Out

Today I wanted to show you something that I found at an estate that I’m keeping. Its not in all that great shape, but I love it! When I have time I use it too.  Take a look at this vintage clothespin holder.  I’m not sure what era its from, but I’m thinking 50s or 60s.

Vintage Clothes pin bag 2I love the graphic on it.  The colors are cool too! Made by Champion.  Its the best clothespin bag I have ever had.  I like the construction in the fact that it stays open.  This bag I’m sure got lots of LOVE (use) ha…ha..!

Vintage Clothes pin bag

You can tell it has seen better days. It is discolored and has a couple of holes from wear, but I still love it! I do hang out some of my clothes in the warmer months.  I love the smell of them and I also love it that they are almost iron free after hanging them.  I do admit that I wish I could hang out all my clothes but just don’t have the time. So how many of you hang out your clothes? Why or why not?

While you’re here join in the fun at the Fab Friends Thursday Blog Hop  being hosted by All That Glitters Girly Fashions Trends and Hip Chick’s Guide to PMS, Pregnancy and Babies.  This is my very first post on a Blog hop.  My first time participating was with the ones on the right of my side bar:

 All that Glitters: girly fashion trends Fab Friends Thursday Blog Hop

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A little Something to wake you UP!!

I was looking around and found this vintage ad for Folgers coffee. Folgers is what I usually drink. With the way coffee has gone up in price, I might need to give it up...lol :) Seriously though...it would be hard to do! What are your thoughts? Isn't it crazy what we are paying for coffee?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Orange You Glad!

Spring is upon us again and orange you glad. After all winter has dumped on us it is time to leave behind all of the drab dull colors of winter and get bright again. This spring promises to be brilliant indeed with a host of decadent, delicious colors to blend together or to enjoy in their beautiful individuality. Orange, pink and yellow are overflowing with joy and tropical blue and lavender are teaming with excitement. This spring is going to be a breath of fresh air for sure. 
Miss Dorby Orange dress2
I am excited to be featuring some fabulous vintage and designer name brand pieces that will titillate your senses and get you geared up for a wonderful spring experience. My vintage 80s Pink Citrus Hibiscus dress is a floral delight guaranteed to please the eyes of everyone who sees it on you.
Karen Stevens Orange dress1
Also up for grabs is a vintage 80s Orange Sailor Dress that is out of this world. Be the envy of everyone on the block in this one!
70s 2 pc caraftan6
Get with the Hippie trend with this vintage 60's orange Kimono style caftan, it's flowing style and multi-colored floral pattern is sure to make this a big hit. 
Kasper & Company
Or you may like the formal look of this spring yellow Blazer and Skirt suit which is great in the office or for a night on the town.  Either way you will be in the flow with this springs most popular colors.
Check out this spring article entitled “The Top Five Hottest-Colors-For-Spring” as well, as you search out your new Spring 2011 wardrobe. I found it both helpful and interesting and I am sure that you will too.
Have a great time getting ready for the more than welcome warmer weather. See you soon!
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