Monday, March 7, 2011

Orange You Glad!

Spring is upon us again and orange you glad. After all winter has dumped on us it is time to leave behind all of the drab dull colors of winter and get bright again. This spring promises to be brilliant indeed with a host of decadent, delicious colors to blend together or to enjoy in their beautiful individuality. Orange, pink and yellow are overflowing with joy and tropical blue and lavender are teaming with excitement. This spring is going to be a breath of fresh air for sure. 
Miss Dorby Orange dress2
I am excited to be featuring some fabulous vintage and designer name brand pieces that will titillate your senses and get you geared up for a wonderful spring experience. My vintage 80s Pink Citrus Hibiscus dress is a floral delight guaranteed to please the eyes of everyone who sees it on you.
Karen Stevens Orange dress1
Also up for grabs is a vintage 80s Orange Sailor Dress that is out of this world. Be the envy of everyone on the block in this one!
70s 2 pc caraftan6
Get with the Hippie trend with this vintage 60's orange Kimono style caftan, it's flowing style and multi-colored floral pattern is sure to make this a big hit. 
Kasper & Company
Or you may like the formal look of this spring yellow Blazer and Skirt suit which is great in the office or for a night on the town.  Either way you will be in the flow with this springs most popular colors.
Check out this spring article entitled “The Top Five Hottest-Colors-For-Spring” as well, as you search out your new Spring 2011 wardrobe. I found it both helpful and interesting and I am sure that you will too.
Have a great time getting ready for the more than welcome warmer weather. See you soon!

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