Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rocking Red with a Secret

O.K. So today I decided it was time to make a showing on my blog.  I usually am pretty shy about posting pics of myself.  As you will not see but maybe one, other than this one. But after much encouraging from my friends and fellow bloggers I decided to take the plunge. So here I am! Also I have been inspired by a few older vintage ladies that blog and share their different outfits with creativity.  I hope they won't be offended by that statement, because I'm proud to be a vintage lady!

In this photo I am wearing a new old stock vintage 80s dress. I call it the red rockabilly...yeah I know, that sounds kinda corny..huh? Well, it is a nice dress and it is available right now in my eBay Store at auction starting at 9.99.  If you haven't been to my store you should check it out.

I'm going to clue you in on a little secret, I run most of my auctions on eBay starting at a 9.99 ( sometimes .99) and since I don't seem to get much traffic you will probably get it for that price. Once an item doesn't sell I'm moving it over to Etsy , which I am loving it over there so far. I have met so many nice and talented people. So if you are interested NOW is the time.   


elegantKB said...

Thanks for sharing and modeling! You look great so you should not worry. It's funny how older ladies seem to know what they are talking about! Lol.. Your sense of style is so fun! As in your other shots you accessorize perfectly with the white shades and 80's pumps! I love it.

Deborah said...

Hi ElegantKB,
Thank you! It was fun, I have to admit, I do wish I was young again, but of course the internet was not even around then. All these young ladies have such an opportunity blogging...meeting people from all over the world...I mean, come on! cool is that!

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