Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This week I was doing some research on fabric ruffles.  I came across some interesting information!

Elizabeth_darnley_portrait_ruffAccording to Wikipedia, ruffles appeared in the 15th century which evolved into the separately-constructed ruff in the 16th century and has remained a fashionable form of trim off and on in our modern world.  The picture to the left is collar called a ruff.  How would you like to wear one?  Men, women and children wore these!  They served as changeable pieces of cloth that could themselves be laundered while keeping the wearer's doublet from becoming soiled at the neckline.  Interesting uh!

Today’s ruffles create a soft feminine look while creating volume and shape which particularly draws attention to the chest area.

White ruffle shirt 4

They can be paired with slim black pants, a pencil skirt or if you dare even a mini skirt!. You can also add a pair of high heels for a very nice or sexy look. If it is short sleeve, wear it tucked in with a high waist pencil skirt and belt it! For a more casual look try skinny jeans. If you don't feel comfortable in a skirt try some high waisted trousers. For a top, your best bet would probably be a jacket of some sort. Just wear it over the blouse and leave it unbuttoned.


Lavender Ruffle Shirt 3 Blue Ruffle shirt 11

The three ruffled shirts above are vintage 70s blouses.  They are available for purchase at Pink Hill Vintage on ebay.

Before you go, if you are interested in making your own ruffled blouse, head on over to Tea Rose HomeI found her as I was doing my research on ruffles! She has an excellent tutorial on her blog on how to make one! I may have to try one myself one day.  It is so cute!


Linda said...

I am having flashbacks! I know I've worn these before, especially the blue one. It went with everything. But, back in the 1970s and being in the teens-early 20s the ruffled blouses just weren't cool enough to be appreciated. I'm glad they're making a come-back now.

Another great post, Deborah!!

Deborah said...

Thanks Linda! I remember wearing these too! I'm glad they are back! They have such a feminine touch...not that I always dress that way, but its fun to when going out somewhere fancy.

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