Friday, July 1, 2011

Meet the Family

Last week we were inspired in our Addoway group to write a post on our blogs that are connected with our Addoway stores…which is pretty cool by the way and below was the post I submitted.

For today's post I thought I would introduce you to my family. From top left is my future son in law Gabriel and my oldest daughter Amber.  To the far right is my youngest daughter Ana.  The bottom left is my daughter in law Katie and my son Nathan.  Then to the far right bottom is my husband Alan and myself.

8th GRADE FORMAL ANA-1 As an online seller I thought it would be nice for you to meet my family, so you know who you are dealing with, plus it gives me a chance to show them off…lol:)   Well, it will be me that you’ll be dealing with, but hey…I thought this would be fun…o.k. well to be honest…I just wanted to show off my kids…isn’t that what moms like to do?

That is my post for today…he…he..!

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