Thursday, July 7, 2011

Camera Settings

Today I wanted to talk to continue on the theme of taking great pictures.  Last week I posted about the set up here. Today I want to talk about camera settings.

Another important step is having the correct settings for your camera.  I have a digital Sony Cyber Shot Camera 7.2 Mega pixel. Nothing fancy or expensive.

The settings that I use the most are the EV setting. The EV settings adjust the light to lighten or darken the subject. Then there is the white balance. The white balance pretty much stays the same in the area that I take my photo’s. The only reason I would even change it is if I were to go in another room or outside with different lighting. 

You can get to your settings usually through a menu button on your camera.  The way I learned about this was I spent a day reading the  manual.  I don’t like reading manuals, but how else was I going to learn, even though I did research online, it still helped to read the manual. I went in and just started experimenting…I was surprised at what all this little camera can do.

For the white balance setting I have mine set on daylight and I do not use a flash.  The other white balance settings range from cloudy to incandescent to fluorescent.  I thought at first I would use the fluorescent setting because I use that type of lighting in the room. But I ended up using the daylight which looks better to me.

This is something you will have to experiment with until you get it the way you want.  It takes time and patience.

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