Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming Home!

I wanted to dedicate this post to my Nathan.  He recently came home from his first deployment with the Marines.  It was truly a difficult time.  His dad and I along with our family and friends, spent much time in prayer for him.  Needless to say we are very THANKFUL to God for his safe return!

Nathan Mom

may 2011 He and his wife Katie along with 2 of their friends came up to visit for the weekend and stayed with us Friday and Saturday night.  Friday night we met  at Nathans favorite Mexican restaurant, 3 Amigo’s.  Katie had arranged for the staff there to surprise him with a WELCOME HOME banter. As you can see in the pictures they put on a hat and put whip cream on his face.  It was funny!  ( One of his friends that came with him was also included, as he was also away on deployment) It was a fun time and we enjoyed the night.  

Do you have a loved one in the service and has been on deployment? If so, please comment and let me know….I will add them to my prayer list.

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