Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What are You Wearing for St. Patricks Day?

So....what are you wearing today? I decided that for the ST. Patrick's Day celebration I would wear this cute 60s vintage green dress. I normally do not pose for the camera lol :), ( thats Valaries job) but thought to do something new and fun, a little goofy to say the least!
My model, Vintage Valerie is wearing a more contemporary style dress by Ann Taylor.  I really do like the polka dots and the ruffled collar and the soft flow of silk.  If this were my size I do believe I would keep it.  Green is one of my favorite colors, besides pink and blue. As a true shopaholic, I fell in love with both of these. One I get to keep and the other you can find here! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


RETRO REVA said...

Hi Deborah ! I am back and will soon be sending you a list of questions! Are u ready for your close-up? ;) E-mail me if u need to, I am currently in Spring cleansing mode, and am heading out to Spring Grove Cemetery for a walk in the evening sun!

Deborah said...

Hi Reva ~ Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. Its been one of those weeks. Are you going to email me?I'm ready! Hope you enjoyed your walk!

RETRO REVA said...

I have had a crazy month! I will e-mail u this weekend with some questions for our interview! I am looking foreward to it. Sorry so late ! Do you want to talk mostly fashion ( self-style) or about your business ? I'd like to hear about your personal style. Will that be O.K. ? Plus also your shop.

RETRO REVA said...

P.S. flickr doesn't allow downloads (i think) so send me some photos or i can get them off your blog!

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