Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are You Pincrediable?

Just recently I came across a new site called Pincredibles.  It is a little like Pinterest except its a referral site where you can earn money from pinning items from participating retail sites and referring members to Pincredibles and earn more! For each member that joins with your referral code, you'll be paid on their activity.  Unfortunately eBay does not pay out referral credits from a generated sale – however it can drive traffic to eBay so I thought I would add my items to the site in hopes of them getting traffic to my ebay store.  If you are a seller on other venues or you have your own website, it wouldn’t hurt to add/pin your items too :)
Pincredibles is by the same gentleman who created BigCrumbs - and members of BigCrumbs as of a few months back were automatically enrolled in Pincredibles using their BigCrumbs info.  I was one of them, but I just signed up this week!
I was reading in a group that I’m in where people are making money, one person has made over 140.00 bucks! Here is one of their emails from Pincredibles:
Hello! Last week we announced that we were sending all members $1 for each "Like" they made on a Pincredibles pin through August 1, 2012 (with a maximum of $100 per member). Well, your payment is here! We just wanted to say thanks for participating and we hope you're having fun with Pincredibles. Don't forget: spread the word about this cool new site and earn even more!
---Your Friends at Pincredibles
I guess the moral of the story is that if you're going to hang out at Pincredibles you might as well take whatever actions are available (like, comment, pin, repin, etc) because you never know what they're going to reward you for.....
So what are you waiting for??? What are the other guys paying you?
Seriously, sign up and give it a shot. It's free and there's nothing to lose. :)
Best Wishes!
P.S. Oh...by the way...the staff at Pincredibles is awesome! I have sent messages asking them questions and they have been very patient with me and answered all my questions! They provide great support!
P.S.S. They are in Beta right now and plan to launch in full soon! I also noticed that Etsy is one of their referral sites, but as of yet they are not paying out commissions..I'm thinking they are in Beta too to see what kind of response they get. I'll have to write Vince > ( the guy who started Big Crumbs and now Pincredibles) back and ask him what is up with that...I'm sure he'll be more than happy to answer any of my questions.
P.S.S….leave me a comment if you signed up, so I’ll be sure to follow you :)


NativeByDesignz said...

Very cool post! Congrats on the "wind-fall" :) I agree, if you are going to promote a business, they should at least give you some incentive for your hard work.

Brenda aka granny 7x said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing Deborah...

Deborah said...

Thanks Ladies...maybe one day for those that are interested, we could talk about this in the group or start another group just for Pincredibles and do some brain storming! I have lots of ideas on doing this!

My Honeys Place said...

Just love this idea. Will have to try it! Thanks Deborah

Anonymous said...

Great idea, but I do agree that if you promote a business that they should show some appreciation :)

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