Monday, August 15, 2011


This blog post is dedicated to a fine young Lady! Her name is Linda Kelly Lee!
Linda Kelly Lee
I met her on Facebook awhile back, but I can’t remember when. I do know that we’ve known each other since January, because she reached out to me when she saw a post I had posted on Facebook about needing prayer for my dad at the time.
Since then, I have come to know her as someone who loves to help others.  As an online business owner she knows how tough it can be to get your name out there on the world wide web and she has started several Facebook pages just for that purpose and they are growing everyday!  She also has her own website that she has invited all of us to advertise on.
Below you will find the links to the pages she started on Facebook as well as a link to her website at Honeys1, Your Free Site to Shop and Post .
The first page I want to share is called Share Your Link I’ll Share yours:
This site is where people that have businesses that carry items can help one another by sharing their items and then sharing other peoples items.  There are clear instructions on how to use the page once you are there.
This site is a place to share FREE places to promote your business! There have been a lot of contributors and everyone has been freely sharing, which has been a Huge help! Please join us and if you have something to share…Thank you in advance!
This site is Linda’s website HoneysPlace1 where you can advertise for FREE! But you have to get in early as space is limited!
Check out Linda’s Great place to buy those obsolete casino chips and more…she carries unique and fun Casino Chips!    
I’d like to Thank Linda for all she has done…I know it takes a lot of time and effort for all she does! I also want to thank her assistants too…they have been most helpful to her…I know! Thank you!

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