Monday, February 4, 2013

FREE Promotion Bumps!

Hi everyone! The last time this post was updated was in July of 2011, just wanted to share an up to date list of auction bump sites as of Feb 4, 2013 where you can advertise your ebay listings for free! Its easy to do! Just copy and paste the item number to one of your listings in the place provided.
I’m going to share a tip with you.  What I do is open 2 windows, one with the pages to my items and one with the bump sites open in separate tabs.  This makes it easier and saves on time.
On some of the sites you can add your Website, Facebook and Twitter!
NOTE: Some sites that were listed are not working anymore, so I have removed them. The two I removed were and

NEW TIP: When you are in "My eBay" on the selling page with a list of all your items, all of the item #'s are listed there underneath the title of your item, this means you do not have to open up all the pages to your items to get the item numbers ( That is what I use to do!). I don't know about you, but for those that have been bumping awhile is this what you did? lol :) Heres a pic to illustrate what I'm talking about.

Free eBay Auction Advertising on


Sites that let you advertise 5 bumps at a time: 

Sites that let you advertise 4 bumps at a time:

Sites that let you advertise 3 bumps at a time:

The auction bumps below, you will need to put your auction title and picture along with the items number.  A little more time consuming, but hey!…its free traffic to your items! Right?! Below is a video that shows you how to do this.
Have fun Bumping!


Danna Crawford said...

Hello, could you fix my link please it is not he correct one, it should be: and I also : THANKS, Danna

Deborah said...

Hey Danna, I hope I fixed it, sorry about that...:(

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