Friday, April 15, 2011

The True Origin of the Bra

Throughout history women have used a variety of special garments to cover, support or enhance their breasts. Most familiar is the corset which became popular around the Renaissance but lost favor over time because they were too restrictive.


Alternatives evolved over time and in 1893 Marie Tucek's “breast supporter” was patented. The first product called a brassiere or bra was patented in 1913 by Mary Phelps Jacob. Her business “Caresse Crosby” existed until she sold it a few years later to “Warner Brothers Corset Company.” They still exist today creating bras under the name “Warnco Group” and have come a long way from Mary Jacob's original improvisation of two silk handkerchiefs and pink ribbon.

To think she sold it all for only 1,500 dollars and it has turned into a necessity for most all young girls and women and is a multi million dollar or more industry.

Below are two links where I found my information. You can check them out for more information if you like. Very interesting!

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