Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Camisole Week


As most of you know, I love pink! Anytime I find a cute pink something, I get it….This is one of those times….I think this is so cute and I’m sure someone else thinks so too. It has a bit of stretch and I love the black stripes on the pink background. The black lace trim is wide and sexy! The straps are adjustable too! So if this interests you…check it out by clicking here. There are a couple of more here.


papel1 said...

That chamisole is so cute, love the pink and the black. Not quite my style unfortunately but it would look good on a young lady!

Deborah said...

Thanks Judy! Yes...I agree..it would look great on a young lady! Too bad I'm not young anymore :(

UnoCosa said...

cool ... xx

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