Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eccentric Thrifter and Pink Hill Vintage Meet Up!

Today was a fabulous day.  After meeting Linda from Eccentric Thrifter online, we had the chance to meet face to face along with our hubby's.  It felt like meeting an old friend that I had not seen for years. I love experiences like that! You don't find them very often.and when you do what a treat!

We had the chance to spend some time talking over breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe in Chesapeake about a number of things.  It was a good way to break the ice.  After that we checked out several thrift shops in the area before parting with hopes of meeting again.  Which we will!
 To find out more about our meet up visit Linda here.
What she had to say were my sentiments exactly!


カルラ said...

your website is very fashionable!!!

Deborah said...

Thank you very much! It was a lot of work! But I've enjoyed every minute of it! Going to view yours now!

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