Monday, February 8, 2010

Electric Blues

This cute vintage 6os top was found at a local estate sale. We love the electric blue color and the cute key ring zipper pull. We had fun adding a grayish black hat, black cowboy boots, and a black and gold belt to give this outfit a bit of pizzaz!
There are so many ways to wear this simple, yet versatile top.
You can find it here . The starting bid is only 9.99. Most of the items we sell at auction start at 9.99. So...if this interest you ...go place your bid!


Junkstore Junkie said...

This is so cute! Pretty model too! (JenniferC)

Deborah @pinkhillvintage said...

Thank you my friend!

Rebecca said...

Deborah, I'm happy to have "found" you. What an exciting venture you are into - and to have your daughter joining you in the fun makes it all the more interesting. I'll look forward to your "finds" and visiting your blog and shop frequently.

Deborah @pinkhillvintage said...

Hi Rebecca ~ I'm happy to have found you! I thought it was pretty neat seeing someone close to my own age with a blog modeling their finds and is also a Christian! I may have to get brave and do the same thing. That would be fun...I would just need to get over my shyness. Thanks for your comment!

augustalolita said...

i love the color of that blouse!! and i have always been into cowboy boots!!

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